"Yo vengo de un no lugar."
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Primero, eres hermosa. Segundo, podrias decirme como moviste todo el 'content' de tu viejo tumblr a este address nuevo?

gracias! :) No he movido el contenido, solo he cambiado el nombre y la direccion del blog varias veces, el contenido se queda ahi mismito con los cambios.

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65,240 notes "I see you in colors that don’t exist."
— Paul Matsumoto  
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15,984 notes "How many faces, how many bodies can you recognize, with your eyes closed, only by touching them ? Have you ever closed your eyes and acted unconsciously ? Or loved someone so blindly, you could almost feel their energy in a dark room and be moved by the powerful touch of their ideas ?"
— Jean Baudrillard, Journal, 1981 
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